Grading the Terps: UVA (3.9.14)

Posted on March 09, 2014 by Mollie Heintzelman

Maryland closed out 61 years in the ACC in a big way against The #5 ranked Virginia Cavaliers. Here is how the Terrapins did in their huge OT win in Comcast Center:

Evan Smotrycz: B

Photo Credit: ESPN

FINALLY. Evan Smotrycz stepped up huge today for Maryland against Virginia. What a solid game for Smot. The Michigan transfer played with more confidence than I had seen him play with all season. In the first half, Evan was the best player on the court, scoring 10 points quickly and effortlessly. Evan’s shots were falling, and he went 7 of 9 from the field. However, in the second half, Evan was really not a presence. His ball distribution was improved, leading the team with three assists. I thought defensively Smotrycz was better. On this side of the ball, #1 had a five rebounds, but he also kept his fouls done. I can get used to this mature play from Smot, hope he keeps it up into the ACC Tournament and plays well both halves.

Shaquille Cleare: A-

Shaq Cleare looked great today. Finally, Shaq was aggressive on the offensive side of the ball and was making free throws (going a shocking 3-4). There was a sighting from the Bahamas’ big man today in Comcast Center. Cleare did a good job altering shots and guarded Mike Tobey better than I assumed going into the matchup. He was on point when he needed to be today, which is a great improvement from the Shaq I have seen all season to this point. He was very mobile on both offense and defense, got into great position and made trouble for UVA in the backcourt. An encouraging game for Cleare against UVA, better than I have seen in months. 

Dez Wells: A-

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

8-8 from the line, a perfect 100%. This is a huge part of Dez Wells grade today. No one is more clutch that Dez Wells on this team shooting free throws. Dez knows how to make his foul shot not just a shot, but also a great opportunity. With a total of 18 points, Dez Wells made a lot of great shot choices today. Even though he probably should have gotten a technical for that ball slam, but he was lucky. Wells’ flop was awesome, and it was filled with drama. Dez wanted this win today, and it showed. He was going off today, way to go Dez.

Seth Allen: A

Seth Allen was dynamic today, and it does not come as a shock to me. Seth plays with so much heart in games like this, so I was so glad he put this passion out there to a nationally televised audience. 9-24 shooting is really not that great, but Seth Allen put up a solid and respectable 20 points today against UVA. Allen was the key to crushing the Cavs at Comcast Center and played big. Seth hit huge baskets today for the Terrapins, but it would not kill me if he were more consistent. I love to see Allen shine like this, but he needs to continue to play smart because we need him to big a giant in Greensboro.

Jake Layman: A-

Photo Credit: Fox News

Leading the team with eight rebounds, Jake Layman looked solid today against UVA. Jake was aggressive defensively and clutch, which was really un-Jake Layman-like. Those free throws Jake Layman made at the end of overtime were smooth, smoother than Mr. Sunshine’s blonde hair. And those were just two of the eight total he made (and he was a shocking 8-8). Offensively though, Jake did not play too well. He only went 1 of 7 from the field, so I am glad Smot was on today to compensate for this. Also, Jake’s four personal fouls and three turnovers will not be helping his grade against the Cavaliers. Jake was clutch today and passed this test against a ranked team.

Nick Faust: C

Nick Faust did not have the best game against UVA. He did not do much and was outshined by players like Allen, Layman, Smotrycz and even Cleare. Nick was very average, and did not have much of a presence on the court. Thankfully, Faust did not make any typical Nick Faust boneheaded plays. Nick made a nice three pointer, and this was his only big play of the day. He did not keep up aggressive play, so he suffered a bit. Average game for #5.

Charles Mitchell: D+

Disappointed against in Charles Mitchell. Atlanta’s own fouled out, again. I was disappointed the big man has been losing so much playing time over the last few weeks. When he was in, Mitchell turned the ball over three times, and had six points. Charles seemed very frustrated on the court today against the Cavs. While I agree that Mitchell’s finally foul was a questionable call, he got visibly furious. I worry that Mitchell’s emotions are affecting his play, and this showed again against UVA. I am optimistic the big man can settle a bit before we head off to the tournament.

Roddy Peters: D

Another game, another non-event for Roddy Peters. Roddy is not a good shooter, and I do not know what to make of him after today’s game. The moment #2 would make an interesting defensive play, he would then make a huge error. Whether it is turning the ball over, or shooting atrociously, Roddy Peters is consistently bad. For a recruit so highly sought after, Peters has not played to a high level. I am cautiously optimistic about any improvement from Peters after this game.

Also, congratulations to lone senior player, John Auslander and managers Greg Harrison, Evan Lipinski and Kevin Owens on their senior day.


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