Terps Struggles Continue In Tallahassee

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Andrew McCartin

Ian Miller nailed six of eight threes on his way to 20 pts

Photo Credit: Orlando Sentinel

There’s no nice way to put it. The first half that Maryland played Sunday night on the road against Florida State was flat out horrendous. As a Maryland fan, I’ve grown somewhat accustomed to watching rough stretches of basketball in recent years, but this one just might take the cake. 

As one could imagine, the Terps seemed lackadaisical right out of the gate. They picked up six fouls in the first five minutes and didn’t score their first field goal until Seth Allen tossed an alley- oop to Nick Faust about four minutes into the game clock. Sluggish played continued- so much so that by the time they had six made field goals, the Seminoles already had six made threes. With Maryland’s luck, it should come to no one’s surprise that Florida State was only warming up from beyond the arc at that point as they would go on to close out the half shooting a gaudy 9-11 from deep. Let it be known that this Florida State squad isn’t even regarded as a good shooting team. Heading into the game, they shot a mere 31% from three on the season, ranking third-to-last in the ACC in that category. Of course they play out of their minds as soon as Maryland comes to town. 

In addition to foul trouble and hot shooting on Florida State’s behalf, 11 turnovers on offense and virtually no post presence on either side of the ball led to a 20 point halftime deficit. After a while it almost seemed that the guys didn't even want to be there anymore. Body language was poor and leadership was non-existent. Someone (cough, cough- Dez Wells) needs to step up and provide a voice on the floor. Turgeon can only do so much to fire his team up when things aren't heading in the right direction, and it needs to come from a veteran. 

The second half wasn’t much better. Maryland came out of halftime with a little bit of a spark, but ultimately lost any bit of hope as Florida State continued to drain threes and add to their lead. The Terps were downright embarrassed, and the scoreboard reflected it with a lopsided score of 85-61 as the final buzzer sounded.

As if this all wasn’t bad enough, a replay of last season’s Michael Snaer game-winning three was shown multiple times throughout the telecast. Thanks, ESPN. 

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