Ranking the Terps: #6

Posted on November 02, 2013 by Nick Keninitz

Our series continues, taking a look at the 6th ranked Terps on the men's team. Now these aren't strictly our opinions, but the cumulative opinion of various people in the Terps community.  We reached out to our friends at Terrapin NationTerrapin Station and Testudo Times for their rankings as well.  These rankings that we are releasing are the aggregate of ten voters.  We will be counting down to #1, to be released next Thursday!

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#6 - Charles Mitchell

Nearly every voter had Chuck ranked between 4-6 on their list.  He's the type of player where he may have an unbelievable game where he posts a double-double with 15 rebounds, but then the next game struggle and play limited minutes.  Finding some consistency where he limits the "dumb" mistakes, and channels all of his awesome energy will be crucial for Mitchell.

Measurables6'8", 260lbs

Hometown: Atlanta, GA (Wheeler HSl)

Recruiting rankings: ESPN (NR, 3 star), Rivals (#92, 4 star), Scout (NR, 3 star), 24/7 (#86, 4 star)

Role this season: Mitchell (aka "The People's Champ") will probably be called upon as the first big man off the bench this year.  He's undoubtedly the best rebounder of the team, with phenomenal hands and a knack for getting the ball.  Expect him to continue to grab a number of offensive boards for put backs.  Mitchell has improved his post moves, giving the Terps a solid option on the block.  He won't play 30 minutes a game, but Turgeon will rely heavily on him to provide a spark and consistent rebounding; hopefully his conditioning won't be an issue (reports have said that he has gotten into great shape in the offseason).

Average rating in our survey: 5.67 (highest - 4, lowest - 8)

Bold prediction: He leads the team in three categories: rebounds, double-doubles and "what the hell was that?" type moments.

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