Shell Shocked Sports (10.17.13): UVA game review, SVP's comments, Maryland Madness & more

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Nick Keninitz

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Shell Shocked Sports is the premiere, student-run podcast on the Ball Hogs Radio Network, hosted by Nick Keninitz, Joe Bradshaw and Mo Khan.


  • SEG1: UVA game review, Wake preview & SVP's comments towards students

  • SEG2: Cole Field House's importance, Maryland Madness & Soccer

"UVA game review, SVP's comments, Maryland Madness & more"

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Cole Field House: Let us remember

October 17, 2013

On March 3, 2002 Gary Williams, Juan Dixon, Steve Blake and other legendary Terrapins took the court in Cole Field House for the final time. That year the the Terps went 15-0 in the final season at Cole. Just under a month later that team won the school's first ever National Championship.


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